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Precision Foundation Systems LLC
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 23 reviews
by Susan Song on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
a Fabulous company

Precision Foundation is a 5-star+ company in my opinion, their design and services presented at their recent job at my yard were beyond my expectation.

I could see they’ve got proven field experiences, profound knowledge and skills, to pin out the actual root cause immediately, and their attitude to take every step + as much time as needed, to construct a solid truly working solution.

They even replaced all the nearby wobbling soil, which was not expected at the beginning, by top grade gravel and packed solidly for a foot deep when they worked on lifting my garage foundation, as they thought that was the right thing to do in order to strengthen a stable foundation. My yard project showed their work ethics of “making things right the first time”

There was no “bury and hide” or “quick in and out” trick, they take pride in their work, “do it to the best amongst, or not do it” is the owner Russell’s work motto. I saw this in their everyday’s work here.

I also noted that they use materials of good quality to fulfill the functions of their design, the man-power-time they put into this project, including hand-digging, powerful packing, conveyance of materials, and machinery, was tremendous, with regards to their price.
At the end, I felt their price was also at a fair moderate level.

“People’s money needs to be respected, we all work hard to make money, this includes myself, my team and my customers” So the owner Russell thinks about money.

I see Russell as a gorgeous man, who has a kind and pure big heart, conducts God’s required deeds everyday, which makes me admire him more, on top of his solid skills.

Besides the owner Russell, the team’s integrity and craftsmanship also made a deep impression on me. Choosing Precision Foundation as the vendor for my 200 feet long French drain and garage foundation lifting was a best decision, I’m very happy with their work.

by Susan Song on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Exceptional Service+Skills+Integrity

This is THE BEST company, 5+ STARS rating in my opinion.

This company is owned by an incredible kind owner, his working team exhibits the craftsmanship in every step they do. They provided the design+implementation exceeded my satisfaction. I would recommend it to everyone.

The owner gave me a totally different quotation from the 2 quotes I had received, for my backyard 200 feet long French drain project, as the owner explained clearly why those 2 quotes would not work properly for my yard, and from the profound knowledge he showed, I understood his quote and trusted him.
I also recommend him to our HOA board for HOA projects, all turned out to be A+ grade work!

Through my project, I saw they used the good materials to ensure the quality of their work, they put in as much time and manpower as needed at every step of the job, to make sure "it is right the first time", there was no "quick in and out" manner, no "bury and hide" trick shown in their work. Compared to their efforts/workmanship attitude/skills/time+manpower, I felt their quoted price was very fair and moderate.

“People’s money needs to be respected, we all work hard to make money, this includes myself, my team and my customers” So the owner thinks about money.

This is a 5+ STARS company, it actually saved my money by turning down would-not-work-properly vendors' design. I feel very lucky to have them to do my home projects.

by Melissa Faris on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Wonderful Experience

Their foundation service providers did an outstanding job. I needed a drain and a new pump after the repairs to waterproof the basement. They explained the job thoroughly and answered all my concerns. They were great to work with and did a fabulous job. I cannot describe how happy I am with my experience with this company. 

by Bert Matamoros on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Thank You

The waterproofing project was handled professionally. They were available to answer all our questions. Responses were reassuring, and the work was steady and organized. Working with them was excellent. I will certainly recommend them to friends. 

by Jessica N. on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
5 Stars!

I could not have been happier with the work. I was very concerned, as we were selling the home, and it was discovered that the basement needed repair. This was a really big foundation repair job, and I did not want to lose my buyer. This company could not have been more accommodating. They came in on time, finished the work on time, and at the cost quoted. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you for the job great done. Overall 5 out of 5 stars experience. 

by K. Jones on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Renovating in an Old House.

The basement in our 1970s home had been leaking water for ages, and we finally decided to get it repaired for good. We are really happy we contacted this foundation contractor. He explained that a new sump pump would stop the problem and offered assistance with the repairs. He did an excellent job in less than a week, and the results are spectacular. 

by Edna J. Kern on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Thanks for All of Your Hard Work and Honesty!

They were totally on top of things and did an incredible job. They ensured that the foundation waterproofing job would give the desired results, and they were right! I am so happy with their service. Highly recommend them to anyone! 

by Sarah Andrews on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Thanks for Everything!

We had water slowly coming into our basement for about two months. After getting several estimates, I went with this foundation service provider. His team was fantastic. He explained every step that had to be performed, arrived when he said they would, and did an outstanding job. I would most definitely use this company again. 

by Mary Sample on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
My Go-to Guy for Waterproofing!

I worked with him a few months ago on a waterproofing project in my home. He was knowledgeable, reliable, professional, respectful, and very clean. He did a final inspection and gave me a satisfaction guarantee. My basement looks like a completely different space. He is truly a top-notch contractor. 

by D. Robinson on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Honest and Dependable

If I could give them 10 stars, I would! From start to finish, they were sensational. They came out to my home and assessed the situation in the crawlspace. The assessment was accurate, professional, and affordably priced. He went above and beyond to explain everything I wanted to know. I had received several quotes prior, and even though they recommended many of the same things, no one had explained why. This guy made me understand the whole foundation repair process. The work his team did for us was fantastic.

by Janet M. Killeen on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Overall Great Experience!

The whole team was amazing. This was a big project. We lacked a foundation on the back of our home, and the second-floor overhang was poorly supported. This foundation contractor did an excellent job and handled the work promptly and professionally. The results are outstanding, and the price we paid for it was worth it. 

by Elizabeth Hale on Precision Foundation Systems LLC

Their technicians were prompt and fair in their estimates. The foundation waterproofing job was done well and at a fair price. Thanks for the job well done. I'd certainly recommend you to friends and family.

by Fred Cole on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Awesome Service

This foundation service was everything that I needed. They were able to finish the job really quickly which helped me speed up the rest of my project. I was really impressed with their services and how well they handled their job as a whole. I would highly recommend them!

by Mark Tanner on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Great Company

I had found this company and was interested in their waterproofing services for my foundation. I had dealt with a few leaks in my basement in the past and I wanted to avoid that from happening again. These guys were great! They gave me a couple of options and waterproofed the foundation perfectly.

by Patrick Humphreys on Precision Foundation Systems LLC

Awesome job on the foundation repair! I couldn’t be happier! They made sure that it was possible to complete the job. I didn’t know that a repair this serious was possible, but they reassured me that it was and that they had it under control.

by Melissa Benevides on Precision Foundation Systems LLC

Very professional foundation contractor that I worked with from this company. They were easy to work with, friendly, and knew what they were doing. I was nervous that the job wouldn’t be finished in time, but they were able to get it done. Amazing job and super great results!

by Greg T. on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Excellent Services

Thank you for the job well done. Recently, I noticed a crack around my window and decided to ask my painter to repaint the exterior wall. He came by and told me that this problem comes from the foundations and recommended me your company. I called and the next day your specialist came to check it out. I was provided with the perfect solution. The next week, your team came back and completed the repair project with maximum precision and in a timely fashion. The price was reasonable and your approach – very professional. I highly recommend your services to anyone. Keep up the great work!

by Earl Howards on Precision Foundation Systems LLC

One of the most affordable foundation waterproofing services that I have used. I got a few estimates from various companies and this one offered me the best work for the price they provided. It ended up being better than I expected! I would use them again without any doubt!

by Madge Good on Precision Foundation Systems LLC

After noticing a few crackings on the ceiling, I wanted to get the foundation checked before starting with the remodel. I am so glad that I found this foundation contractor! They did a great job and they also did before and after pictures since I really didn’t want to go crawling in there!

by Keisha Riggs on Precision Foundation Systems LLC

I needed a last-minute foundation repair and this company went above and beyond. They rearranged their schedule to make it happen for us and I really appreciate this. I would highly recommend!

by Veronica Harrell on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Call These Guys!

We live in a house built in 1944 and you would think that being so long ago any issues with settling would have already taken place. WRONG! Not only was there a need for extra support for the beams but the basement was leaking wet. Good thing this company offers waterproofing services as well. Thank you for the help!

by Mary Combs on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Thank You So Much!

Wow, I just can't describe how quick and truly professional this company was with helping retrofit work on our home. Thank you for the great foundation service! I highly recommend this company!

by Beulah Deleon on Precision Foundation Systems LLC
Amazing Services!

I was looking for foundation waterproofing and this company pop up. Their price is very competitive and they performed a very good job. I would recommend this company to my friends and family for any foundation repair. I would hire them again if I buy another property in the future as this wouldn’t have foundations issues anymore for certain!

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